Types of lamination machines

There was a time when people used to protect their important paper documents in briefcases and drawers. Even though those documents used to get dusted and the quality of paper would get weaker. Such issues often caused people face a lot of problems such are ripping off of the papers or papers getting wet. Considering such issues in mind, experts invented a machine to protect the paper documents of people from weather or dusty conditions. This machine is known as lamination machine. Lamination machine covers the paper documents with plastic from both sides. This plastics prevents the documents from getting wet, ripping or accidentally bring written over. 

In this advanced era, lamination machines are divided into different types. Each type contains different features for diverse purposes. Lamination machines are categorized into three basic types which are pouch laminators, heated roll laminators and cold roll laminators. One side of pouch laminator is sealed. Pouch laminator has a heat-activated film inside which covers the paper documents once it runs through the lamination machine. Pouch laminator is small in size so it can easily be taken anywhere such as universities, laboratories, offices as well as schools. Pouch laminator is used with the help of a carrier. This carrier helps the laminator by preventing it from the leakage of hot glue that leaks from the sides of the lamination machine. 

Heated roll laminators are big in size which means they can be kept in one place only. This kind of laminator is fitted heated rollers which help to melt the glue which was released on the lamination film. Heated roll laminators use pressure rollers to apply the lamination film on the paper documents such as business cards, mark sheets, id cards, birth certificates or house documents. Heated roll laminators can laminate many types of papers as the size of pressure rollers is bigger than pouch laminators. With the help of such laminators, we can laminate pictures or posters to hang as well. 

Cold roll laminators are installed with a plastic film which contains the support that is sticky but doesn’t bond with the glue of the lamination machine. In this laminator, the glossy support is removed due to which sticking bonds with the documents which are supposed to be covered with lamination. 

Lamination machines are usually used to plastic coat papers. These papers vary in sizes and out of these sizes, the most common one is the size a4. A4 sized paper is supplied all over the world. Shops and supplier of a4 paper in Dubai can easily be found via internet. The business of papers and plastic coating is the best initiative of earning. For the services of lamination machine Dubai is the most beneficial place when it comes to protecting the documents of people with lamination.