Establishing a car rental business

Rental business has many subdivisions within to choose from. You have to choose the business model you wish and then draw out further format.

Here is how you can open your own rental business to rent luxury car in Dubai.

Decide your business model

Your business model will decide the target audience you are supposed to target for your business. You can give a car on rent on hourly business, weekly or monthly. There are wedding and parties as well for which you can open a rental business. These are all accruing once you plan a proper strategy for your business. You will have to think of the type of cars and your budget, depending on the business format. To stand out from the rest you can offer a chauffeur service as well. There are many people who either don’t have a license or would still want a driver. You will have tough competition which could cause reduction in prices and much more. Therefore, you have to come up with offers and deals that are more appealing than the rest. With the bases done, you can move to the next step for your own Rolls Royce Dubai rental service.

Get registered

Choose a name for your business that is simple, easy, and yet striking. Get your business registered and pay the relevant taxes so that you don’t get yourself in any legal trouble.

Insurance Coverage

It is very important to get your business covered by the best insurance policy. Get all the supplementary licenses so that you are fully covered without leaving any space for a loophole. Check out the insurance deal from various companies so that you ink the best one.


Although much of the business world has gone virtual through internet, customers still need to see a solid evidence of a company they are purchasing something from. You have to pick a location for your office.


To spread word, you have to use the right mode of communication strategy. Come up with advertisements, use social media and other forms of information source so that your business is marketed, and people come to know of you.

Marketing is the most important thing for your business. You can also earn a name through the deals you offer and through your efficiency. The more reliable and striking your offers, the more people will look up to you for their rental needs.